We are asking our supporters to pray for Rise Church in the following areas:

1.  GROWTH: Pray for Rise Church Launch Team to grow in people and leaders that will help fulfill the mission and vision of this church.

2.  CONNECTIONS: Pray for the Launch Team to be aware of the divine connections the God will show us on this journey.  

3.  SENIOR PASTOR & FAMILY: Pray for divine protection, provision, and vision our Pastor Aaron, his wife Erica, and his 5 sons Riley, Kellen, Titus, Judah, and Winston.

4.  LAUNCH TEAM & FAMILIES: Pray for divine protection and blessing for the Launch Team members already committed and their families. 


Do you know anyone that lives in or near south/central Texas? We're eager to get to know as many people as we can. Just email their information to hello@risechurchtx.com